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A raise and a bonus

April 15th, 2008 at 05:45 pm

Great news! DH's company does semi-annual reviews, and he just got a 2% raise and an $8k bonus! Bonuses usually get 50% of the tax taken out upfront for some reason, and many companies then also take out 401k and ESPP contributions as well, so we'll probably only see about $3k of it immediately.

We originally started talking about what we should spend the bonus on, but then I suggested we just put it into DH's stock investing fund. Somehow it's not as satisfying as a splurge, but DH went along with the idea.

Then I suggested he increase his 401k by 2%. I think this will put him at a rate to max the 401k. We need the tax deduction, and his company matches all the way to $15,500, so it's a really good use of the money.

I sent off our estimated tax payments last week, and checked my YTD earnings. I was pleased to see that I've been projecting I'll make $60k this year, and for the first quarter I grossed $15,155, right on track.

I resolved this year to take a look at how our investments are doing quarterly, so since it's April 15, it's time to fire up Quicken and see where things stand.

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