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Less and less impressed with Quicken

April 15th, 2008 at 06:33 pm

So I sat down to take a stab at doing my quarterly investment review, and quickly realized I didn't know what to look at and analyze! So I decided to start with asset allocation. I was expecting to see something similar to Morningstar's x-ray, but instead the pie chart shows the following:

4% Domestic bonds
22% Large Cap stocks
3% Small Cap stocks
24% International stocks
33% Other asset classes
9% Cash
4% No asset class

What the heck is this "other asset classes"? I drilled down to see the 6 mutual funds listed under this catagory, and of these, my largest holding is American Capital Income Builder (CAIBX). According to Morningstar, this fund is currently 65% stock, 20% bond, 13% cash, and only 1% other. So unless they're counting "giant" market capitalization as different from "large" cap stock, I don't know where Quicken is coming from. American Funds SmallCap World (SMCWX) lists very little "giant" but a lot of "medium" -- is this also counted in "other"?

Not very useful at all.

2 Responses to “Less and less impressed with Quicken”

  1. Spud Says:

    I am noticing the same thing. I don't really like the way Quicken downloads my financial info. I'm not sure if this is Quicken's problem, or if it's my financial institution feeding Quicken garbage (GIGO). I'm thinking about doing it manually, and putting in asset information myself.

    Have you checked out the quicken forums? I've found them to be quite helpful with my questions.

  2. dickyvman Says:

    Ya I agree. I find that MS Money is a lot better, and is excellent for downloading statements into.

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