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Adding RSS feed to your blog

August 4th, 2008 at 02:00 pm

I just enabled this blog for RSS feed. Feeds are great because you can see at a glance who has added a new entry you might like to read.

Here's how to do it in case anyone else would like to set it up for their blog:

From your blog page, Click on Control Panel, then Widgets, then Feedburner.

Click "create a FeedBurner feed"

Copy the last part of the feed address into the box in step 2. (I missed this step the first time through.)

Click Save

Click Activate

Go back to your blog's main page. In the sidebar should be an orange button labelled XML.

3 Responses to “Adding RSS feed to your blog”

  1. jIM_Ohio Says:


  2. spendinginsocal Says:

    Ooh I was wondering about that , thanks!

  3. greengirl Says:

    i tried to do mine but it said it was invalid! Frown

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